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The Merle XL American Bully

The Merle XL American Bully is a beautiful breed known for its eye-catching coat patterns and on its large and strong build. This color pattern on this breed has gained quite the popularity among Bully lovers and XL American Bully breeders due to their very unique and flashy appearance.

The Genes That Create the Merle American Bully

The merle coat pattern in American Bully dogs is a result of specific genetic variations. The M Locus (merle mutation insertion variant) Allele of the PMEL gene creates a mottled or speckled effect on the dog’s coat. The merle gene is a dominant gene. This gene is responsible for regulating pigmentation in the fur, leading to the unique merle pattern observed in these dogs. A Bully cannot be a merle carrier. The dog is either merle or it is not merle, because the merle gene is dominant and cannot be carried. An American Bully only needs one copy of the merle gene, inherited from either parent, to have a merle coat (except in the instances of cryptic merle, where the Bully may have subtle merle patches or abnormalities seen in the eyes). Understanding these genetics is important for breeders to produce healthy and well-bred merle XL American Bully puppies. It ensures that breeders can make informed decisions to maintain the desired coat pattern while also avoiding potential health issues associated with certain gene variations.

Breeding Merle to Merle Bullies (Don’t do it!)

Breeding two merle XL Bullies to one other, known as merle-to-merle breeding, can lead to health issues in Bully puppies, including blindness, deafness, and other congenital defects. Responsible breeders avoid this practice to ensure the well-being of the puppies they produce. Bully breeders who perform merle to merle paired breedings are a red flag. While puppies may initially appear to be healthy, they may have underlying hearing issues, eye issues, and other serious health issues that can appear later on in life. Bully breeders who are irresponsible enough to breed two merle dogs together are more than likely not going to have any type of health guarantee on the puppy you purchased.

Rainbow Colors of Merle XL Bully Puppies

Merle XL Bully puppies come in a variety of stunning base colors, including chocolate merle, chocolate tri merle, merle tri, blue tri merle, blue merle, lilac merle, lilac tri merle, and other attention-grabbing variations. Additionally, you might notice one or more other patterns such as brindle and ticking, alongside the merle coat pattern. Each puppy is as unique as a fingerprint, displaying a unique color and pattern combination that sets it apart from the rest of the litter. Whether you prefer chocolate merle or blue tri merle, there’s a merle XL Bully puppy to match every taste and preference.

Merle XL Bully Puppies for Sale Worldwide

Our merle XL Bully puppies are available for sale worldwide to responsible and caring owners and breeders. However, it’s essential to note that some countries or regions may have ownership and/or transportation restrictions or bans on certain Bully breeds. Potential owners should familiarize themselves with local regulations before purchasing a puppy. We are located in Florida, but are reasonable driving distance from Georgia and Alabama. If you are not able to make the drive to pick up your puppy, we can accommodate your ground shipper or your airline booking.

Lilac tri merle XL American Bully puppy. Each merle has it's own unique pattern.

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